Monday, September 26, 2016

Candace & Zach

Candace & Zach - The first part of their Story

I met Candace at a Wedding a few years ago, She was working with a local Wedding Planner. She impressed me right away with her fun personality, her toxic smile, and her professionalism. 

I ran into her again at a Shoe Store in the NRV and she was glowing. She had remembered me! That was fun and she went on to tell me that she had recently gotten engaged to this wonderful Guy, Zach! It was great fun to hear about their story. 

Interestingly Enough, Candace & Zach WON my yearly giveaway - The highly sought after FREE Wedding Photography Package! 

This is Our First outing!

Friday, April 22, 2016

When the Photographer cannot sleep

When the Photographer  cannot sleep

I was wide awake at 3 am, so i figured i would venture of to VT and get a few photographs.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

For The LOVE of MOM

I had the pleasure of getting to know Lindsay & Jason over the past year and a half and it has been pretty fantastic! Lindsay & Her Sister, Brittany both got married this year. They decided to do something extra special for their Mom. 

The idea - meet up one afternoon in Roanoke with their AMAZING photographer & take Wedding Dress photographs, together.

What a fantastic time! This is the album that was presented to their Mom for Christmas.